A Message to our Friends, Family and Followers

2 years ago, we were awarded a second contract by the Department of Veterans Affairs. This contract was for at total of five years composed of the first “base” year and four subsequent “option” years. We have worked diligently throughout this contract with exceptional feedback from the VA and our Guests to provide for our homeless Veterans. Two years ago, we had uncovered some information that brings to the forefront areas in which the Department of Veterans Affairs needs to make some corrections. These corrections are in tune with not only bringing homeless Veterans from the streets and placing them in a safe environment; but for rehabilitating those in need as well.
Since these areas have been brought to the attention of the VA, our current contract, which was due for an optional renewal year in September, was cancelled. This places our organization in a state of change and opportunity to grow in new directions.
Without the funding from the VA, we believed we would be forced to close Camp Royal Oak by August 30, 2015 but that is now not the case. We asked for your support to help keep this program in place and you have responded. The ground swell of support has been very encouraging. We still desperately need your support and we thank you for sticking by us. We do still have Veterans at the Camp to serve and we will not leave our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines behind. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a disease that continues to grow within the Veteran ranks. Suicides amongst Veterans are at an all time high. VSCOA’s program has continuously shown positive results and we have been recognized time and time again for our work with these Veterans. We have served over 300 Veterans and we have no plans of a discontinuation of that service, thanks to your support.
Please continue to assist us by donating, calling or by writing a letter in support to our representatives; they have told us that they do hear you. The combat wounded veteran is the most vulnerable veteran and we are losing 22 of them a day by the hand of suicide. VSCOA developed a Therapeutic Canine Training program called PAWS to help combat wounded veterans mitigate PTSD and homelessness. VSCOA’s PAWS program allows for rehabilitation, empowerment and gainful employment of our veterans on the Eastern shore of Maryland. This is the only center for Veterans like this on the great Eastern Shore of Maryland.
All combat veterans suffer with PTSD, the unseen scars of war; if you believe that our combat wounded veterans deserve a program such as this then please help support VSCOA. The VA has abandoned our combat wounded homeless veterans but with your help we will continue to serve them; together as a community we can bring them home.
The VSCOA Team