Anal fissure period

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Understanding and overcoming anal fissures

Acute anal fissures can be caused by trauma from dry, hard stools that are difficult to pass, childbirth, crohn’s disease, anal intercourse, or anal instrumentation. Follow-up care usually consists of a single postoperative visit to ensure that the wound is healing appropriately and that the fissure has resolved. Anal health care basics. The muscle is ‘tighter’ than usual. You may also get some bleeding when you pass stools – usually bright red, in the pan or on the toilet paper. Patients with als require multidisciplinary care and rehabilitative interventions; maximizing independent function and quality of life are the goals.


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After healing you can cycle all you want. In spite of the high healing rate, internal anal sphicterotomy has drawbacks, namely: incontinence, complications related to wound healing, the need for hospitalization, and the anesthesia risk.