To apply for receiving a dog please fill out the application below. 

To receive a Service Dog you must be a Disabled Veteran or First Responder.

To qualify for enrollment in the PAWS TaT program and live at CRO at no expense to the veteran the veteran must have no lease or mortgage in their name and have need of an assistance dog.

If a veteran qualifies for the PAWS Train a Trainer or TaT program they will be able to stay at Camp Royal Oak with room & board and all costs associated for the PAWS Train a Trainer or TAT Program covered.

To qualify a veteran must meet the following two conditions:

1. The veteran cannot have a mortgage or lease in their name

2. The veteran has a disability that a service dog would help mitigate.

The application process is to fill out the below form, we will also need a copy of your DD214 and a letter of referral from your doctor or health care provider. Then there will be telephone and in person interviews followed by a home visit.

 There is no charge for the adoption, but we will accept donations through our secure PayPal donation button.


Apply for a Dog

Apply for a Dog