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Few days ago i was doing oral sex for her and while she was enloying it, i stumbled at analingus and her imediate reaction shows she was really enjoying it. Myself when i’m giving r oral sex i sometimes go lower at the same time and it drives her wild. My lifetime experiences as a submissive have been composed of some good but mostly bad introductions, mostly by letter or online but some through actual meetings. The same applies to this type of fantasy, though perhaps in more common settings. I suggest you plan an event together, (does it have to be cuckolding?), where she sets out the cruel things she is going to do and you get the chance to beg for some compromise and limits for this one time. The ibtp board is down. Now that i have said that i am off to be sick sorry.

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My female submissive is a perfect example. Anal is amazing for that. Same thing when she woke up in the morning and i was still hard.

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