IMAG0369_BURST002 IMAG0370_BURST002_COVERB.B. is a yellow lab that came from a litter of puppies at the Wicomico county humane society, she was donated by one of the animal control personnel Christopher Hardy who himself is also a veteran. B.B.’s name has a story behind it:

 On 23 November 2009 a hero fell. A Special Forces operator named SSG. Matthew A. Pucino gave his life in service of our freedom and our great nation. SSG. Pucinos’ call sign was “Black Beard” so she was named B.B. for short in his honor. B.B. has been selected to go to a soldier who was wounded in Iraq by an I.E.D. The soldier she was selected for has P.T.S.D and other injuries that B.B. will be helping him with.


SSG. Matthew Pucinos’ family started a foundation to help wounded warriors. They want to keep this hero’s legacy alive, to continue to serve those who have served and sacrificed. Their website is please visit their website and like their foundation on Facebook.


B.B. is a living memorial to a fallen hero who will never be forgotten. She will wear a dog tag in memorial of SSG. Pucino, her service vest will have his 20th SFG (ABN) flash and crest on it and she will carry a laminated card with his picture and dedication information in her vest pocket.

 An American hero has fallen, but will live forever in our hearts, and in our freedom.

 R.I.P. SSG Matthew Pucino, Call sign: Black Beard