100_0193 100_0194We rescued Lucy from a two day kill shelter in Melfa Virginia. She literally had but hours left before she would have been put down. Don’t judge the shelter they are under funded and under staffed. Which leaves them with no other recourse.

Lucy is an American Staffordshire Terrier  and was given to a person to sit while the owners moved. The owners then disappeared of the face of the Earth, including a disconnected phone. The person sitting Lucy already having multiple pets was unable to keep her and was forced to bring her to the shelter. Jason was contacted by a supporter of ours and told if we wanted her we had until 5pm that day to come get her. Jason and George raced to the shelter and saved her just in the nick of time. Lucy will be put thru basic obedience class and be loved until she gets over her shelter shock. Originally we intended to just train Lucy in basic obedience, but she does so well on and off leash we’ve decided to keep her and see how far we can train her. George will be her handler and Mike Lewis will be her assistant handler.