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Here, ville valo explores the dustier, darkest corners of his attic to find some dark-hearted treasures and share the misery. Hans mielich’s witches’ gathering (1535) reflects the perverted sexuality that witches were said to embody, with one naked woman brandishing a large phallic sausage and another with her hand up her skirt in a provocatively lascivious gesture. Fashion photographers, such as sean ellis and eugenio recuenco, have also drawn on the visual vocabulary of the gothic to convey narratives of dark glamour. I would always know when she had been before me in a room. [here] one is respected and judged only as a human being. What does it mean to say a text is gothic? professor john bowen considers some of the best-known gothic novels of the late 18th and 19th centuries, exploring the features they have in common, including marginal places, transitional time periods and the use of fear and manipulation.


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The witch is no longer to be feared or condemned, but a victim of history, inspiring appalled fascination, and reflecting the dark desires, fears and astonishing cruelty that history meted out to its most subversive women. As the text and lavish illustrations in this book suggest, gothic fashion has deep cultural roots that give it an enduring potency.

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