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(mf, nc, 1st, oral, spank, preg). A mother and daughter are victims of a home invasion. An encounter at a laundromat turns into something ugly. (m+/f+, nc, rp, voy, bi, huml, ws). As with any power however, you should know ‘when’ to harness it. (f/beast, mf, rp, 1st, oral, nc).

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The doctor is in (and will see you now)Bdsm library - stories by poweroneNon-consensual | the erotic writerErotic non consesual stories.Nonconsensual sex stories - page 1 of 309CategoriesStory tag cloud :: gaggedutopias story archiveThe kristen archives - just nonconsensual storiesNon consensual erotica:sex stories of rape, mind control, hypnosis & blackmail, night



Billy likes to blackmails women into doing things they might not do otherwise. (mmf/f-teen, nc, rp, intr, bd, celeb-parody). (m+/f, mexican, rp, v).

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