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Why girls hump pillows and stuffed animals - broadly

That being said, the orgasm achieved by humping a pillow lasts longer and is much stronger too. While we can (and do, and do recommend). I have parents who don’t knock before they enter, so when i masturbate i usually put on a skirt with no panties (that way if they interrupt they can’t tell). I like to really pamper myself when i masturbate. He muttered some words. I’ve never thought about it that way.

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All-four-for-one and one-for-all

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The chair-riding cowgirl

Once i’m good and ready, i start to slide up and down, and up and down and up and down on the post, and watch myself on the tv while i rub my slippery clit with one hand and rub my hard nipples with the other. Female desire is a little understood (and until recently, little studied) phenomena, but it does seem apparent that we can be quite flexible when it comes to what turns us on.

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