Having an orgasm after giving birth

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As i neared transition, near the end of labor, i was feeling very vulnerable and stressed-out; i went into the shower to find some relief, and my husband asked if i would like to have sex. If you’ve not had incontinence at any other time it’s unlikely that you wet yourself. I wanted a blow-for-blow account, because my vagina was scared and wanted nothing more than to forget that sex even existed. By not viewing childbirth as a part of the sexual spectrum in which women have agency over their own bodies, dimpfl argued, the entire process is being taken out of their hands. Orgasm may have the same effect. Imagine you’re trying to have an orgasm during normal intercourse.


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But research suggests that orgasm during birth comes down to simple anatomy. And i’m not trying to undermine the women who do have difficult experiences; that’s a reality. In order to empty the breasts as far as possible.

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