companion dog Helio and butterfly

Helio ate my Donuts!

Yes he ate my donuts and yes I was mad.

Here at PAWS we don’t use the barbarian method of corporal punishment. So what do you do with a misbehaving dog? You use the bond between you. If the dog has bonded with you he/she wants your affection and attention. I put him in the corner and told him what a bad boy he was in a raised voice. Note I didn’t say yelling or screaming at him. I raised my voice to a sharp tone and inflection, way outside my norm. Of course he already knew he was in trouble. He sat there with his ears flat against his head giving me the “but I am so cute” look. Then I ignored him. When he tried to move from the corner I made him go back, showing him the donut package and told him this was bad. This reinforced the association of why he was being punished and the word “bad”.

After his third attempt to come out of the corner to receive some affection I let him apologize and gave him some affection.

Having that deep bond and understanding their behavior allows us to guide that behavior to a more socially acceptable outcome. Even thou he ate my donuts Helio will still make a great companion animal.

Now I have to teach him to not jump on people. Read my next blog to see how I will do that.