Long term effects of neonatal jaundice on mature adult



One of the keys is to keep an eye out for jaundice in babies that have been discharged home from the hospital because it usually evolves after discharge,” explained watchko. Levels above 30 mg/dl are the most likely to cause serious problems, such as kernicterus, which can cause brain damage, hearing loss and cerebral palsy, according to the study. The incidence of significant neonatal jaundice among these infants was 76 percent, and 37 percent required an exchange transfusion. Reading or writing impairment, motor difficulties, and attentional problems in our control group as well was expected. Have found similar mri patterns demonstrating acute and long-term changes on mri, specifically bilateral hyperintense lesions in the globus pallidus, corresponding to dystonic kernicterus (.


Movement disorders due to bilirubin toxicity

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Long term effects of neonatal jaundice on mature adult.



They may also have delayed speech but can benefit from therapy to improve quality of speech. The significance for differences between the three groups in univariate comparisons is also given. The neurons undergoing early differentiation are most vulnerable to cell damage and death from bilirubin neurotoxicity, whereas more highly matured neurons may be more likely spared from damage.

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