Piss off insecure coworker

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Why do my colleague feel threatened by my work ethic? should i lower my commitment and standard? what should i do? - quora

Like he has a hard time focusing on you because he doesn’t find you that interesting or worthy of listening to. If she was a friend to you, then she would still be a friend to you. Obviously she just goes where she gets the most attention, so she’s not worthy worrying about. They talk on the phone or gossip with anyone who will listen to them in the office for the majority of their day. It’s very hard to feel sorry for someone who is bugging the heck out of you, or worse! yes, these people eventually are their own punishment, but when such a person is your boss and in control of your destiny at work, these tactics can help minimize your emotional trauma, but in the end, there’s not much you can to do avoid them or their actions.

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The only way i can get her to shut up is not talk or acknowledged her when she has talked over in a meeting. Gossip about your dressing up in office, don’t bother to say ‘good-morning’ or ‘hallow’, make false statements, bringing your past to present, hatred arises ‘cos other people praise you for always looking good, smart and young (even thought age does not tell!) etc, etc. I just pretend she is not there cause it is easier to work hard alone than get stressed because of her.

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