Sexual orgies eliminate social tensions and ought to be encouraged


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Translation: you all wrote in a pretentious and egotistical way. Scalia called out associate justice anthony kennedy and the four progressives justices for using “a standard ploy, when this court vastly expands the power of the black robe, to hint at limitations that make it seem not so bad. Perhaps we should start with some informal discovery. Presumably it is some number between five and the number of people required to fill the coliseum,” scalia said.


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I even accept for the sakeScalia: sex orgies good for eliminating social tensions / boing boingOrgies eliminate socialSexual orgies eliminate social tensions and ought to be encouraged.Justice scalia criticizes moralist judgesScalia | flirting ecardScalia expounds on sex orgies- naked photoTipping the scalia of justice | wired

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The justice and other like-minded jurists like associate justice clarence thomas are part of the originalist school of thinking, which holds that decisions should be made based on the original intent of the founding fathers. Jeremy, i believe it’s impossible to write satire that doesn’t some facts.

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