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Rare in deep atlantic waters offshore from iceland and norway south to the iberian peninsula, and east into the mediterranean sea. During the month of june we have received a lot of sightings! some of them were made by one of our partners while crossing the atlantic. Minke whales can also be seen in the moray firth, the northern north sea, the central irish sea and off south-west england. In adults, the inside of the mouth is white and there is often a light-coloured or white patch near the genital slit. The lower part of the caudal peduncle has a robust ridge. Sea watch said groups of sperm whales had been seen off scotland in the summer, but it was unusual for them to be spotted at this time of year.

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Loading map – please wait. Have a look at the sightings reported in february 2017. Creel fishermen working between loch torridon and south rona spotted the deep-diving whales on monday.

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