VeRus Pet Foods In Latin, VéRUS means true, real, proper, suitable, right. That is exactly the foundation of VéRUS. You can trust that when you feed your dog or cat VéRUS, you truly are feeding the best quality that is honest and genuine. VSCOAPAWS are VeRus dogs. Russell is donating all our dog and cat food and will supply PAWS dogs with food for life. Extending the service life of the dog for a full Ten years.

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Critter Corral Resorts has teamed up with Logan’s Heroes Animal Rescue to rescue and train dogs for the program.




Ravens Roost 96

Ravens Roost 96

Ravens Roost 96 of West Fenwick, Delaware is one of both VSCOA and PAWS most frequent supporters

They do fundraisers for many organizations as well as our own.








Mitch is one of our Volunteer trainers. Yes he will train your dog.



Eastern Shore Coastal Roasting Co.

Eastern Shore Coastal Roasting Co.



 Eastern Shore Coastal Roasting Co. provides our delicious coffee for purchase. Thanks Kristen and Jammie. Visit them at 17366 Lankford Hiway Cape Charles, Va 23310




hogs&HeroesHogs & Heroes Foundation, MD CH. 8 and DE CH. 3





We are Proud to be Partnered with the Wicomico County Humane Society





This is the Vet from Colorado who makes our vests.



American Heroes Network